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Increasing Typing Speed I am not aware of its Window’s counterpart, but the keyboard in iOS and MacOS come with a feature called Text Replacement (see references below). It’s very handy if your work involves a lot of typing. But what words should you replace? I figured the logical thing to do is find out my most frequently used words and replace the top 25-50. I found a python script** that let’s you run through a folder in your system and find the most frequently used words in the files in it.
Delhi Mostly Harmless Elizabeth Chatterjee’s book on her time in Delhi is charming. I picked up the book on the way back home to Bombay from Pune in February this year. I was about to start the second season of Bombay Daak, and it was an instinctive purchase; I hoped to find some inspiration on writing about a city, or gather a different perspective on how to look at one.
Aug 2017
Matunga, Mumbai
A small album of some photos I took in Matunga, the last Suburb of old Bombay charm.

How does one focus and finish more things?

I wanted an alternative to Wordpress and hosting that was more value for money. Then five days ago I discovered the world of Static Site Generators. It went on to solve my problem. This is a document on how it did.

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