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Hi, I am Maneesh I am an entreprenuer and writer based in Bombay. In the last one year I have neither entrepreneured nor written, so this claim is in dispute. Prior to that I built - a digital agency and a product discovery app, and then an ethnic fashion brand. I like to go on treks, read and paint. Currently curious about Nootropics and Cyberpunk fiction.
Death is a constant in Kerouac’s Big Sur, omnipresent, standing on our every turn. Religion is a constant. Drunkenness is a constant. Mother is a constant. The white line splitting the road is a constant. The road is a constant. Friends and friendships though, change. Even the ice cold Billie with her blond hair and blue eyes gets angry and cold, and you wonder what took her so long. Of course, the immediate response to finishing the Big Sur, or any of Kerouac’s novels, his endless Legends of Duoloz series, is an urge to write in his manner.
Aug 2022
Andheri, Mumbai
Completely done with my indoor existence for the past few weeks, I took my old point and shoot out and went on a walk around my neighbourhood. When I came back and began editing them, I noticed a lot more tricolours than necessary. I realise this style of editing is passé, but I always wanted to do it since when I first saw them. And if our 75th Independence Day isn’t a good time then what will ever be.

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