Your Dream isn’t an Economic Proposition

What you want to do and what your put your time into unless afflicted by social considerations, don't let it be a victim of scenarios drawn in your or someone else's mind. 

The rupee is weak, you can't make any money on stocks, the loans are expensive, the rent keeps shooting high, the clients don't have money, the parliament is being diabolical, India can't reach 300 in a test match. Grave issues really. But when the night grows dark and your eyes shut and you find ways to travel to places and people in strange ways all these begin to pale into non existence. And in such journey's lie things unique to you. Things that only you've seen and no one else has a semblance of an opportunity to figure out. That's your opportunity, your shot. Take it. Only you can do something about it and make it happen. Don't let your dream drown in the cacophony of the inconsequential-s around you.  It is the only thing that is truly yours.

Give this year for it. Don't let the economy buoy or bust its flight. Vacuum it around your persistence and bring it to life.