The Entrepreneur is an Artist

A company is a piece of art. You take inspiration, you get influenced, you copy and perhaps you are always selling short of potential (at least to begin with) when building a company. But you stick to it. For you have a vision of something grander and beautiful in your mind. When the first strokes of a brush kiss a canvas, neither of them know what they’ll make together, and they realize themselves only by the end of it and from what people make of them.

You are the artist, the hands that wields the wand. Brick by brick, day by day, you build your art, you emerge from the shadows that you followed, come into the sun and build something unique and yours. Some stay just an imitation, true artists go beyond, for them inspiration is just a direction not the road in itself.

Business, like art pays off much later, a long time after you have put the brush down. The best we can do is keep that picture alive and get closer to it with every step, never waver from it, and build skill sets everyday to bring it to life.

Choose your canvas, spread the colour.?